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食物 & 饮料

Safe and secure management of 食物-grade transportation and storage

The 食物 supply chain is one of the most unique in the logistics industry. With so many different requirements, companies must be diligent to ensure safety and efficiency throughout the entire process.

Within 食物 logistics, there are two main areas to focus on: 食物 Grade Warehousing and 食品级运输. With 食物 and 食物 ingredients being our most common commodity, 墨菲 is an expert in both arenas. We pride ourselves on being experts in 食物 grade logistics and supplying our customers with best-in-class practices, 程序, and 食物-grade certifications.

食物 Grade Warehousing

While all products require their own unique set of storage requirements, 食物, and 食物 ingredients have the largest variety of unique options. 从简单的清洁, dry storage to organic, 专业, and temperature-controlled space, 墨菲 has worked with customers of all shapes. 食物 and beverage warehousing is one of 墨菲’s specialties.

Working with customers to understand all requirements from the start is vital to the success of a 食物 grade warehousing relationship. Our team has open honest conversations about requirements, 程序, 以及客户需求, and works with clients to ensure the best fit. 从我们的清洁, secure warehouses to the certifications and practices we have in place, there is a facility ready for most 食物 customers. We can also make adjustments as needed to accommodate nearly all 食物 products if additional 程序 are required.


Ensuring 食物 safety is not only a priority at 墨菲, we’ve taken it a step further by working with some of the most stringent 食物 safety experts in the country. Our business practices meet and exceed all established certification requirements. 

Safe Quality 食物 (SQF) is one of the most comprehensive 食物 safety standards in the industry. 墨菲 holds SQF certificates at numerous locations in Minnesota and Missouri. We have also worked with agencies such as the FDA/USDA and the Minnesota Crop Improvement Association to receive additional certifications and their organic handlers certificate. 

In addition to all of the certifications we hold, 墨菲 has developed a thorough process and plan for how to be prepared in every scenario when it comes to 食物 logistics. We regularly hold random audits and engage in mock 食物 recalls and continuous improvement practices to constantly better ourselves and ensure the highest quality for our customers.


Working with carriers that have experience in 食物 grade shipping is a must if you wish to ensure safety and efficiency in your 食物 supply chain. Taking into consideration the timeliness of 食物 logistics, it’s extremely important to remember all possible challenges that can occur in order to guarantee fresh deliveries. 

From the challenges of tight timelines to the unpredictability of working with receivers in grocery settings, there are many obstacles in 食物 grade shipping. This doesn’t even take into account unloading time or exposure times, both of which can further impact your efficiency. This is what makes working with an established, credible 食物 logistics company so important. 墨菲’s experience of over 120 years means that from our dispatch team to our drivers, we’re prepared for every scenario. This also means we are knowledgeable of all the different realities of 食物 grade shipping. 

Not only is 墨菲 well established in 食物 logistics as a direct provider, we also have extensive experience as a 3PL brokerage that handles a significant amount of 食物 logistics with the help of third-party partners. With a network of qualified and respected carriers, our brokerage can do much of the hard work of qualifying a carrier to haul 食物 grade products and materials. We also have access to specialized carriers such as drayage experts, refrigerated vans (reefers), and long-haul carriers.

Get Started with the Leaders in 食物 Logistics

We’re ready to answer any questions you may have about our 食物 grade warehousing and 食物 grade shipping capabilities. Our team of 食物 logistics experts can ensure your products are handled and delivered with care.